A Moog retrospective – 50 years of synthesis.

Posted: September 22, 2014 by TGASMrDunne in Articles, Synth Design
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A good read from Ars Technica on the history of the Moog, and its influence on modern synth design.

“It wasn’t always like this. In fact, it was 50 years ago this year that, in 1964, a man by the name of Bob Moog unveiled a synthesizer of a very different sort. Called the Moog Modular, it is regarded as one of the first. Though Moog wouldn’t officially advertise his creation as a synthesizer until 1966, that’s precisely what it was—an array of electronic modules that Moog designed, often controlled via keyboard, and connected to one another with a bird’s nest of cables that, somehow, produced weird musical sounds unlike anything anyone had heard before.”


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