Headphones – Which set should I buy?

A good set of headphones is crucial for making music with a computer. Cheap headphones won’t allow you to hear the fine detail in your mix, therefore your music will be of a lower quality. The school has a few sets of Beyerdynamic DT100s for use, however here are a few recommendations if you would like to buy your own pair.

Sennheiser HD 280 Pro – Sennheiser set the standard for affordable but high quality. These 280 Pros will allow you to hear your mix in much better detail and can be bought for around £115.

Grado SR80i – A set of open back headphones from the Grado range that don’t break the bank. Great quality of sound, though the open back will let sound in as well as out, however in a quiet environment these headphones will excel. A pair will set you back around £135.

Shure SRH940 – An amazing set of reference headphones made by the audio specialists at Shure. Accurate response, an ‘open transparent’ sound and comfy! This quality doesn’t come cheap however, a pair will cost around £180.

Shure SRH940

AKG K550 – Money to burn? Do yourself a favour and get the set that won the What Hifi Best Home Headphone £150+ in 2012. 50mm drivers, ‘sweetly communicative’ and with that trendy ‘big’ look. They cost around £250, but will last for a decade of detailed listening. **UPDATE** Now available for around £125!! What a bargain!

AKG K712 – New at the top of the AKG range is the K712 PRO set. Look great, great reviews and open back for excellent reference listening. They will set you back a pricey £379 though!


And finally, whatever you do, don’t buy BeatsTM headphones! They are vastly overpriced and have an exaggerated bass response that will create many problems in your mix!

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