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With an iconic (and slightly weird!) design, the Expressiv MIDI guitar joins a long list of controllers that promise to revolutionize the way musicians use synths. We’re not sure what’s going on at 1.22, however this is an impressive piece of technology that will win over progressive guitarists.

At CSGSMusicTech we’re always looking to add new ways of recording to our midi setup. The Seaboard RISE is one of a new crop of controllers that look to improve the way we record. Why add modulation, filter cutoff or glide after a performance has been recorded, when you could do it all at once? This approach is designed to lead to more organic performances.

Price is a bit steep for our studio at the moment (£949!!) but as the price of this tech comes down, expect to see it in more studios.

Weird and wacky multitouch controllers are becoming more and more common as technology improves and electronic musicians get bored of keyboards. Controllers like the Ableton Launchpad and Push, Alphasphere, Numark Orbit and the Eigenharp enable electronic musicians to perform music with as much expression as real acoustic instruments.

Famous electronic engineer Roger Linn has been working on the Linnstrument for over 5 years, which promises to revolutionise the way you can interact with your soft synths.

Four years after it was first previewed, LinnStrument is almost here.