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Creative EQ for drums

Posted: June 8, 2016 by TGASMrDunne in Recording, Techniques, theory
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Getting the drums to sound right can be challenging. AS and A2 students will find this article and the accompanying video very useful.

Justin Colletti discusses the various advantages and disadvantages of sample rates. Worth a read for the conclusions drawn, even if the science is sometimes difficult to follow!

The Science of Sample Rates (When Higher Is Better — And When It Isn’t)

Another excellent article from the Studiospares blog on different types of microphone, and the differences between a published frequency response chart and the actual performance of the mic. Useful for both AS and A2 students.



The Maths Behind Music – UoS

Posted: June 12, 2014 by TGASMrDunne in Techniques
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Here’s a short but interesting video about some of the science behind musical frequencies. Worth a watch!