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A helpful video from Steinberg and Future Music on the best methods and equipment for recording vocals. Of particular interest is the section on ‘mic technique’, where singers have to change their positioning and performance to achieve the best results. A must watch for AS and A2.

3B recording articles

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Y13s, please see the below links for live jazz mixing techniques. I would read them critically – lots of good tips but make your own judgments about the sort of mix you are going for.

Mike Senior Mix Rescue: Jazz Trio

Mike Senior Mix Rescue: Jazz Band On Location


Another excellent article from the Studiospares blog on different types of microphone, and the differences between a published frequency response chart and the actual performance of the mic. Useful for both AS and A2 students.



Mid Side Recording

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What are the advantages of using mid-side recording? How do you process the audio once it has been recorded? Read this excellent article from Universal Audio on this tricky to master technique.

The studio is due to see its next round of improvements over the next couple of months, including some new equipment and routing capabilities. We will be seeing the addition of a rack mounted Presonus HP60 to replace our portable headphone amp (which can still be used to further split a headphone signal), wall boxes with XLR and Jack routing to keep everything permanently connected (freeing up the snake for use in M2) and a flashy new Rode NT2-A condenser microphone with selectable pickup patterns (omni, cardioid and figure 8).

A great MusicRadar article on 21 of the most influential technological innovations that shape the way we make music. Make sure you read and understand them all!

Microphone Placements

Posted: December 11, 2014 by TGASMrDunne in Classwork
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Following on from today’s lesson, the Shure website is a fantastic resource for learning about all types of microphone and recording placements, and will enable you to create a better logbook. Don’t forget to also look at the ‘Beginner Tech – Microphone Placement’ section from the menu bar.

Binaural recordings are coming! This technique uses either a virtual plugin or a head simulator with 2 microphones, and creates an incredibly visceral listening experience. Linked below are two videos that really highlight this technique – remember to listen to them through a good pair of headphones! Tonmeister recording blog.