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REAPER – an alternative DAW, free to evaluate

Posted: October 7, 2014 by CSGSMrCarruthers in Uncategorized
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Refight My Liar

Part of my home production setup is the excellent REAPER software. It has received many positive reviews for its stable audio engine, extensibility and its reasonable price. Additionally, the full version is free to evaluate for an unlimited period of time, making it very useful for students. – 32/64-bit versions available. Less than 10MB!

Make your own tracks and perfect your DAW skills on a home laptop/PC/Mac. It works with built-in soundcards and external interfaces, so you can get recording and producing straight away using whatever hardware you have.

There are some differences between REAPER and Cubase – notably, the lack of built-in synths and sound libraries (eg. EZDrummer, HALion, other loop banks) and techniques for sends and side-chaining are slightly different. REAPER does come with a number of high-quality utility plugins such as reverb, EQ, delay, compressor and gate. There are thousands of plugins available online, of varying quality, but the safest way to add trusted and familiar synths is to install DUNE CM and other plugins from a Computer Music Magazine DVD. Though unlikely, neither REAPER nor the Music Department can be held responsible for any damage or data loss to personal equipment!

Many of the skills you have learned in Cubase will be transferable with some small differences. For a beginner’s guide to REAPER, click here.

Refight My Liar

Posted: March 31, 2014 by CSGSMrCarruthers in Classwork, Songs
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A quick demo to show off some 90s trance features. Synths used include DUNE, TAL Noisemaker, FMMF. FM synths and de-/fine-tune were useful, and most of it is very hard-quantised. The drums are samples from a large trance pack which I’ve pitch-shifted and EQed. There’s a touch of reverb and delay here and there and Program EQ was used on the master track to give it a bit of depth. Here it is in Reaper; Soundcloud below:

Refight My Liar