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Recording tips – Didgeridoo

Posted: July 6, 2016 by TGASMrDunne in Recording, studio
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Let no-one say that Australian microphone manufacturer Rode aren’t thorough! Tucked away in their useful support section is this little gem.

What’s the best way to record a Didgeridoo?

The most recommended setup is to use a large diaphragm mic (e.g. NT-2000, NTK or K2) placed low and off to one side of the end of the digeridoo. Combine it with a second, smaller mic (e.g. NT3, NT5 or NT55) about a third of the way up from the bottom to capture tapping and vocal tricks.

The department does have a didgeridoo. Y12s, you know what to do….

How to remake a classic vinyl album

Posted: June 16, 2016 by TGASMrDunne in hardware, Recording
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Great bit from the guardian about the process of re-pressing a classic album.

A box containing the original master tapes of various artists on Blue Note Records at Cohearent.

Very useful article and video tutorial for all current AS and A2 students, especially at this crucial stage in the year!

A helpful video from Steinberg and Future Music on the best methods and equipment for recording vocals. Of particular interest is the section on ‘mic technique’, where singers have to change their positioning and performance to achieve the best results. A must watch for AS and A2.

3B recording articles

Posted: February 26, 2016 by CSGSMrCarruthers in Recording, studio
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Y13s, please see the below links for live jazz mixing techniques. I would read them critically – lots of good tips but make your own judgments about the sort of mix you are going for.

Mike Senior Mix Rescue: Jazz Trio

Mike Senior Mix Rescue: Jazz Band On Location


Another excellent article from the Studiospares blog on different types of microphone, and the differences between a published frequency response chart and the actual performance of the mic. Useful for both AS and A2 students.



How to get that perfect vocal

Posted: December 7, 2015 by TGASMrDunne in Articles, Recording, studio
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There are many approaches to vocal recording. Do you go for an emotional, continuous take, or splice multiple recordings together into a pitch perfect sequence? This article from Bobby Owsinski delves into the latter method, using the multiple takes feature of your DAW for maximum accuracy.

Mid Side Recording

Posted: November 27, 2015 by TGASMrDunne in Articles, Recording, Techniques
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What are the advantages of using mid-side recording? How do you process the audio once it has been recorded? Read this excellent article from Universal Audio on this tricky to master technique.

Capturing a jazz kit.

Posted: November 26, 2015 by TGASMrDunne in studio, Techniques
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Useful little video from Audio Technica on an easy method of capturing an authentic jazz sound.


A really useful resource for AS and A2 students looking to improve their awareness of what a good mic pre-amp can do. Each link at the bottom of the main page takes you to a console mix, highlighting the different Focusrite options. If you click on the track names it also details how each one was recorded, including mic choices. Don’t forget we have a Focusrite ISA one pre-amp in the studio that is available for students to use!