Studio Microphones

This page details all of the microphones that we use in the studio. Treat them with care!

Rode NT1-A – The workhorse of the studio. Almost silent, flat response, excellent all round microphone.

Rode NT2-A – The Nt1’s big brother, the NT2-A is a multi pickup pattern condenser that builds on everything it’s predecessor was known for.

Rode NT5 Matched Pair – A pair of high quality small diaphragm microphones, ideally suited to overheads or close micing for acoustic instruments.


AKG C1000s – World renowned SDC (Small diaphragm condenser) with a range of applications.

SM58 – Industry standard dynamic microphone, useful for live sounding vocals, toms or just about anything!

SM57 – Another classic Shure mic that is great for amplified guitars and acoustic instruments.

AKG D112 – Capture the fattest kicks with this specialist microphone.

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