Studio Hardware

Cubase 8 – We have recently upgraded to the latest iteration of Cubase, featuring updated plugins, better channel strip control, chord tracks and much more.

Alesis Multimix16 USB 2.0 – The studio mixer. Allows us to record multiple channels onto multiple tracks. (Not all mixers can do this!)

Presonus HP60 – A high power 6 way headphone amp that features two global mixes as well as ‘more-me’ and talkback.

Rokit 8 Studio Monitors – Our high quality monitors that create accurate reproductions of your tracks.

Focusrite Isa One – A quality preamp that is great for recording vocals.

Yamaha CP40 Stage Piano – A fantastic new addition to the studio with great sound and touch.

M-Audio Keystation 49e – The controller you will usually be playing your midi data in with.

Arturia Minibrute – Bringing classic and modern together, a superb monophonic synthesiser. Hook it up the PC with a USB cable and control it through Cubase with MIDI data!

Juno-Di Mobile Synthesiser – A fantastic source of high quality synthesised sounds.

Ableton Launchpad S – Dreams of being the next Madeon? Now you can be, with this intuitive (and extremely fun) midi controller.


Clearsorber Acoustic Panels – An invaluable tool for creating pop up recording spaces. We have three panels which is enough to set up effective sound absorption around many sound sources, even a drum kit!

Samson S-Amp – Mini headphone amplifier with four outputs with individual level control. AC Powered.

Beyerdynamic DT100 Headphones – The go to standard headphone for monitoring applications. Accurate response, closed back, what more could you want!

AKG Q701 Quincy Jones Signature Series Headphones – You want the best? We’ve got the best! Listen to your mixes in extraordinary detail with this top quality reference headset.


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